Visit to Bury Art Museum and new etching

Last Saturday at the printmaking workshop, I started a new etching plate which is the first for 2022. The new plate once completed will depict the White Lion public house which has now been turned into swanky apartments in the centre of town. The plate is slightly larger than the normal 18 x 12 cms I usually create etching prints from. I have gone for a larger printing plate so I can add more detail. Below is a photo of the plate which has a coating of hard wax to protect the plate when it has its first dip in the acid bath early next month. The first acid bath lasts about 15 minutes which allows the outline of the drawing to be defined more strongly on the plate.

White Lion etching plate (17 x 26.5 cms)

Yesterday, I visited Bury Art Museum to swap a small number of etchings for the shop that is based on the first floor. One of the prints I submitted was of the cage at Lyme Park.

“The Cage at Lyme Park” Etching Aquatint (c) Neil Robinson

The museum has a collection of paintings by JMW Turner. One of which is this work I saw in the main gallery (see below)

Calais Sands at Low Water: Poissards Collecting Bait by Joseph Mallord William Turner RA (Bury Art Museum collection)

Happy New Year

Another year has gone by and a new year is here.

I have just updated the layout of my printmaking blog on WordPress and am now using the “Independent Publisher 2” theme. The new layout displays archived posts by month and is easier to view. I really like this new layout and can now display the site logo.

Today, I have been reviewing prints I have worked on in the last year and added them to my catalogue. I will be updating the gallery pages soon on this blog.

By the way, here is a list of the remaining subjects I will be creating prints for in 2022;

  • White Lion building
  • Strawberry Studios
  • St. Thomas’s workhouse
  • Robinsons brewery building
  • Guild Hall
  • Stockport County Football Club
  • Vernon Park Hall
  • Food Hall (Marketplace)
  • Stockport College main building
  • Baker’s Vault pub
  • Stockport scene Viaduct & Mersey
  • The Blossoms pub

Work sold

I had a good day at the Art All Dayer on Saturday 20th November in Manchester. There was a steady stream of visitors throughout the day around 800 I believe in total visited the event. I sold two etchings and also had a chance to visit some of the other store holders that were present in the hall at Hallé St. Peter’s, Ancoats. The day gave me some ideas on displaying work and also what prices I should charge for my work.

Next month, I will be taking part in a Art fair in Rochdale.

My stall at Art All Dayer: Winter Edition