Spring into action

As the clocks go forward and spring is finally here, I have decided to take part in some local art events to keep me busy.

I recently applied by submitting two of my prints to the ‘Cotton-On-MCR’ open call. This is an open exhibition at the Saul Hay gallery in Castlefield, Manchester running between April and May. Hopefully I will be successful, fingers crossed.

Yesterday, I decided to take part in the Stockport’s Giant Leap Ahead project to submit designs for frog statues on various themes such as ‘Frog the builder’ or ‘Music frog’.

On a different note, I have been working this month on preparing images to use for future etchings which I hope to complete this year.

I have also recently, creating various sketches of the Arden Arms pub which I hope to use as inspiration for my next print. Here are a few images.

Sketch of Arden Arms pub
Sketch of Arden Arms pub