Twenty Twenty exhibition

I travelled to Bolton, Lancashire yesterday to see my etching aquatint print in the 20:20 Hotbed Press print exhibition at the neo:gallery. My print depicts the Redrock complex as previously posted. Print groups as far as Russia, Canada, Iceland, Hong Kong and Ireland have taken part this year. Interested printing groups can take part by contacting Hotbed Press at their website.

The touring exhibition contains work from 577 printmakers and between them they produced 14,425 handmade prints!

“Redrock” by Neil Robinson

Screenprint so far..

Here is the latest stage of my first attempt in producing a multilayered screen-print. I still have at least two colours to add to this print.

Title: “Blue fence, red door”

Size: 17 x 12″

Ink used: Acrylic paint added to screen-print medium

Screen-print “Blue fence, red door” by Neil Robinson
Screen-print “Blue fence, red door” by Neil Robinson