I am currently working on a multicoloured screenprint of one of the subjects for my project. I have so far printed two colours and hope to add another five colours to complete the print. I’ve not worked with this type of printing for many years and am really excited about what the final result will look like.

The photo below shows the two colours I have printed so far. I am printing around twenty prints but will probably whittle this down to around ten to fifteen by the end of the print run.

Screen-print showing a block of brick red and ultramarine blue. (WIP)

The screenprint depicts the back of a building which is run down and has a earthy brick red wall and a makeshift fence painted in ultramarine blue.

I am using a set of acrylic paints mixed with printing medium. The screen and frame are attached to a diy jig which is a piece of plywood board attached to the screen with two brass hinges and screws. The jig is very effective and allows me to register each colour precisely onto the paper.

Updates to follow…

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