The drying rack and the hungry mouse

If like me you produce large batches of prints such as for print exchanges, print shows etc.., you probably have realized that you need somewhere to dry out those precious prints from getting damaged. I had this issue last year when I was producing an edition of 25 relief prints for the 20:20 Print Exchange organised by Hot Bed Press.

My print run exceeded over 30 prints to allow for imperfections such as smudges or mis-alignment etc.. At the time I did not possess a drying rack, so I laid out my prints individually on the workbench in the garage which I call my art studio for them to dry out overnight.

The next morning, I was shocked to discover that at least one of my prints had a big bite taken out of it! I eventually realized that it was the resident mouse which had come out of it’s nest to explore and on finding my prints, decided they would make a tasty meal and helped itself!

Since the mouse incident, I have designed and built a simple drying rack which is supported from two metal beams in the garage.

The drying rack is constructed from wood (taken from an old rabbit run), wooden clothes pegs, nails, curtain loops and plastic hay twine.
I nailed the pegs to one side of a thin wooden plank in even spaces. The wooden plank is suspended by way of two curtain loops attached to twine from the roof.

I have added photos of the rack to this blog post.

I am now taking a months break from this blog. I will return in September with more posts and news about my project.

Bye for now.

Drying rack
Drying rack with prints.
Drying rack
Drying rack
Drying rack
Drying rack

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