Happy New Year

Another year has gone by and a new year is here.

I have just updated the layout of my printmaking blog on WordPress and am now using the “Independent Publisher 2” theme. The new layout displays archived posts by month and is easier to view. I really like this new layout and can now display the site logo.

Today, I have been reviewing prints I have worked on in the last year and added them to my catalogue. I will be updating the gallery pages soon on this blog.

By the way, here is a list of the remaining subjects I will be creating prints for in 2022;

  • White Lion building
  • Strawberry Studios
  • St. Thomas’s workhouse
  • Robinsons brewery building
  • Guild Hall
  • Stockport County Football Club
  • Vernon Park Hall
  • Food Hall (Marketplace)
  • Stockport College main building
  • Baker’s Vault pub
  • Stockport scene Viaduct & Mersey
  • The Blossoms pub

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