More Gelli printing


I have continued to experiment with my gelli printing silcone mat using acrylic paints and plastic stencils which I purchased from a local craft store. The stencils I have used have been very effect in producing monoprints. I used a brayer roller to press the ink onto the acrylic paper without the need of a printing press. The contrast between the background image and the stenciled relief works very well.

I have also produced some more matte medium transfers such as the table lamp and the image of Stockport viaduct take from another angle. The transfers are the hardest to do as there is alot of paper to remove once the matte medium has dried out completely. Plenty of water and ear buds are recommended for this aswell as plastic sheeting and towels. The ear buds are the most effective way to remove the paper layers and reveal the transfer below. Some the transfer will be removed but this adds to the finished effect.

I hope to add some more transfers soon using the stenciled prints shown above.

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