Prints produced so far…

So far in this project, the following subjects have been printed as etching aquatints.

War Memorial and Art Gallery
‘The Cage’ at Lyme Park
Bramall Hall
Chadkirk Chapel
Macclesfield Canal
Viaduct and Bus Terminal *
The Pyramid
Hatworks museum
Town Hall *%
The Market
Portwood Cooling Tower
The Armoury (Greek Street)

* – Cyanotype print produced only
*% – Cyanotype and Etching produced

New additions

I am hoping to take some more photographs in town in the next few months. I was looking at my list of landmarks to use in my printmaking project and feel I need to add a few more. This list could get bigger than I expect!
The new subjects are; Crown Inn with Viaduct and Little Underbank. Apparently, I have been informed that there are a set of old photographs of Stockport on display in St. Mary’s church which I will check out in due course.