Spring is here

My printmaking activities on this blog have be quiet of late I must admit. However, I will be publishing new works on the gallery page in the not too distant future.

As spring is officially here and the weather is getting better (well a bit better),  I decided to dust off my digital camera and travel down to Stockport to take some reference photographs in and around the Market place. The weather was warm and sunny on that Sunday and I had very productive afternoon. I use photography as a starting point for my prints. The idea is to choose a well composed image, which I then re-touch by carefully removing any unwanted objects, enhancing the colours, sharpening, and cropping. I then create two versions of the selected image; one a positive and the other a negative reverse. The negative version is used as a guide to show me where to use stop out when creating my etching aquatints.

My ambition for this project is to create a collection of different types of printmaking techniques. One little known printmaking technique I will be using is ‘Cyanotype’ (which is how old Blueprints were made). I am currently working on some prints using this technique and hope to share the results on here soon.

Bye for now.